Short bio:PhD in 2012 from the Linne Flow Center at the Royal Institute of Technology. Post-Doc 2012-2015 at the Wyss Institute, Harvard University. More about my collaborations.

I am fasinated by dynamic interface phenomena in engineering systems and biology. To understand the dynamics of wetting droplets, bubble traffic in microfluidic systems, membrane adhesion or cell dynamics I use mathematical modeling and numerical simulations in combination with experiments. To learn more about my research have a look here or my articles (google scholar).


Several open PhD and Post-doc positions in 2022!

We have several openings in 2022 for PhD and post-doc positions on experimental and theoretical projects on droplet physics and biophysical problems with membrane dynamics. Contact me if you want to join the team or if you have any questions.

Master in Science thesis or research internships

There are several oportunities for Master's thesis projects within multiphase flow, soft matter physics or biologically inspired problems. There are also possibilities for internship within the same fields at the Mechanics Division at the Department of Mathematics at UiO.

Latest Articles

Multifunctional ferrofluid-infused surfaces

Nature paper through a great team of collaborators from the Harvard U., Aalto U. and the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems. The project became alive in the Aizenberg group and through years of work we now can demonstrate how to develop, mould and control adhesive properties of ferrofluid-infused porous substrates.

Protein organization in adhering immune cells

Immune cells use membane bound proteins and their dynamic organization for intercellular communication, a process essential for an accurate immmune response. We have developed a new model for intercellular adhesion, highlighting the interplay between passive physics and active biological processes in the transmembrane protein dynamics.

Singularities at contact in elastic sheets

Singularities are common to many problems in fluid dynamics and we investigate a new class of singularities at contact between elastic interfaces.

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