We are a research group working on problems in fluid mechanics, soft matter physics and biophysics. Our reseatch methodology is based on a combination of applied mathematics, experiments and numerical simulations. Articles from the group can also be found on Prof. Andreas Carlson's google scholar.


Several open PhD and Post-doc positions in 2024!

We have several openings in 2024 for PhD and post-doc positions on experimental and theoretical projects. Contact me if you want to join the team or if you have any questions.

Master in Science thesis or research internships

There are several oportunities for Master's thesis projects within multiphase flow, soft matter physics or biologically inspired problems. There are also possibilities for internship within the same fields at the Mechanics Division at the Department of Mathematics at UiO.

Latest Articles

Elastohydrodynamic coalescence in PRL

Together with collaborators at LOMA at the U. Bordeaux and at the U. Twente, we have sorted out how liquid lenses under elastic sheet relaxes when coming in contact.

Drops on vibrated fibers on the cover of JFM

We have demonstrated that the transport of drops on fibers can be controlled by vibrations of the fiber, which was highlighted on the cover of JFM.

Elife article show how alphaviruses use their RNA to make membrane replication compartments

Together with collaborators at UmeƄ U. and U. Augsburg, we have demonstrated that the RNA in alpha-viruses push on membranes to form replication compartments.

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